Shift 1 - 9.30am - 11.30am (to bring basic uncut sandwiches)
Shift 2 - 11.30am - 2.00pm (to bring cake/slice)
Shift 3 - 2.00pm - 4.30pm (clean up)
If you are unable to take your turn please arrange your own swap and inform Kimmy on 0419465310
Thank you, your contribution is greatly appreciated. 

Rd 1 April 6th Nullawil

Shift 1 (Sandwiches)                     Shift 2 (Cakes/Slices)                    Shift 3 (Clean up)


Deb Forster                                       Tanya Evans                                      Jenny Bruce

Kylie Rowe                                        Emma Wishart                                   Narelle Clements

Sherri Sutherland                             Becki Thompson                              Lauren Cordwell

Sarah Longstaff                                Lana Wishart                                     Genevieve Trice                               

Lollies 12pm – 2pm: U14 footballers/netballers

Extra CakesDeb


Rd 3 April 27th  Moulamein

Shift 1 (Sandwiches)                     Shift 2 (Cakes/Slices)                    Shift 3 (Clean up)


Meg Cooke                                        Kaye Harrington                               Kylie Cummins

Tenielle Cooke                                  Anne Barbagallo                               Toni Angel

Leeza Wishart                                   Mel Read-Wishart                             Kelly Hogan

Mandy Dee                                         Naomi Tatt                                         Kristy Webb  

Harley Haimes (10-11:30)    


Lollies 12pm – 2pm: U14 footballers/netballers

Extra Cakes: Emma Wishart


Rd 5 May 11th Wandella

Shift 1 (Sandwiches)                     Shift 2 (Cakes/Slices)                    Shift 3 (Clean up)  

Emma Wishart                                   Becki Thompson                              Lee Crichton

Katrina Toma                                                Leiza Webb                                        Jackie McIntosh

Rach Hobson                                                Alex Carter                                        Love Family

Alyce Mathers                                   Nicci Hore                                          Karen Tonkin           

Polly Healy


Lollies 12pm – 2pm U14 footballers/netballers

Extra Cakes: Cat Whinfield


Rd 6 May 25th Ultima

Shift 1 (Sandwiches)                     Shift 2 (Cakes/Slices)                    Shift 3 (Clean up)


Jo Bear                                               Tanya Smith                                      Toni Angel

Jacinta Ferris                                                Amber Walkington                            Tanya Evans 

Bec Grogan                                       Sarah Longstaff                                Kaye Harrington

Hayley Anset                                     Dunlevey Family                               Narelle Clements

Jacob McIntosh (10-11:30)


Lollies 12pm – 2pm  U14 footballers/netballers

Extra Cakes: Genevieve Trice